William “Billy” Simmons

Simmons and Vallee launched a podcast, aptly titled Wing Vallee, on Wildfire Radio in June 2019. The podcast, which centered around their restaurant quest, also featured interviews with fellow competitive eaters, including fellow multiple Wing Bowl champion Molly Schuyler as well as Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman. Wing Vallee aired for 13 episodes and concluded its run in October 2019. Simmons and Vallee have both expressed their desire to restart the show upon the launch of their restaurant..

Early on

I am so fascinated by food iIn September 2017, Simmons kickstarted a Philly Chicken Restaurant. In the wake of the natural disasters in Texas and Puerto Rico, the project proved unsuccessful. As of January 2020, Simmons and Vallee have been in discussions about securing a restaurant management deal.


I have been with 2 other partners in building the “Champions Blend” brand where we will bring many new flavor’s to the market and build a great relationship with the Wing Bowl and other competitions worldwide.